LED Cables

… get ENLIGHTED !!

with high quality LED cables for your Eurorack. The mushi LED cables show positive and negative voltages, which makes them predestined for CV signals… visualizing the control voltages going through your modular synth. Not only pretty blinken lights, but also very usfull in live situations and the visualization of trigger/ gate signals.

We use very high quality components for the inside of the jacks, which we then cast in resin. The result is extremely durable and beautiful… just like little pieces of jewelry for your synths. Due to the production mehtod, these cables are never flakey and won’t stop working after some time.

As the LEDs need current to light up, they use a part of the CV going through them. This means that they are not really suitable for pitch sensitive CVs or anything that needs to be really precise. On the other hand they provide an interesting slew effect, which we didnt manage to recreate using modules. The mushi LED cables are not only pretty and provide information (polarity and intensity) about your CV signals, but can also be utilized for creative purposes.  Alternatively, just go through a buffered multiple and no CV will be lost.